Environmental and Social Sustainability at the IIC

Beyond financing, the IIC has gained an in-depth knowledge of environmental, social, and corporate governance issues.

The IIC first implemented its Environmental and Labor Review Procedure in 1999. Since then, and until 2013 (when the IIC's Sustainability Policy was approved), the Corporation applied this procedure to all projects receiving financing, not only to minimize potential environmental and social impacts, but also to help companies become more competitive by reducing their costs through efficiency gains (e.g., energy, water, and raw materials consumption) and improving their environmental and social management and quality control systems, thereby enabling them to reach new global markets that are increasingly concerned with environmental and social issues.

The IIC’s team of environmental and social experts works with its customers to help them identify, reduce, and manage project-related environmental and social risks, and offer technical assistance for making improvements in areas such as climate change, energy efficiency, and environmental and social  management.

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